Watch service at Brocker

Our certified watchmakers perform the professional repair and maintenance work on your watch. We guarantee you a high standard of repair by certified specialist staff using the latest equipment and machines and using only original spare parts.

But not only the repair, also the cleaning, the care or the individualization of your watch by gemstone setting or engraving we count to our tasks.

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At Brocker, we understand that jewellery and watches often also have sentimental value for their owner.

A watch is usually more than just a timepiece for its owner. Watch owners often associate a series of special moments and experiences with their watch. This makes proper care essential for maintaining your watch. At Brocker, we know our craft very well and, therefore, know what is important when it comes to maintaining or repairing your watch. From merely polishing it to minor repairs to a complete overhaul, we offer you all the services you need to maintain your watch in the long term.