Jewellery service at Brocker

In most cases, repairing your item of jewellery is a worthwhile investment, because you often associate lots of memories and special moments with your treasures.

At Brocker, we offer comprehensive goldsmithing services for preserving or restoring your jewellery. From soldering work, setting gemstones and altering ring widths to electroplating, engraving and piercing one's ears, we offer a variety of different services for preserving, customising or remodelling your jewellery.

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At Brocker, we understand that jewellery and watches often also have sentimental value for their owner.

Many people associate special memories with their items of jewellery which they can relive time and time again over the years. In order for you to be able to continue to preserve your memories and sentiments in the future, we at Brocker offer you a wide range of repair, restoration and customisation services. For example, changing the ring size can help to adapt special items of jewellery to your size, or customisation, such as a personal engraving or a fancy trimming, can make your item of jewellery even more special and versatile.