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    Ranging from gold, silver and diamond jewellery, and high-end watches, right up to special wedding and engagement rings.
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Over the many years of our existence, we have been able to perfect our work in different areas.

We grant pawn loans in an uncomplicated and discreet fashion at attractive conditions

We lend easily and without any problems against items that belong to you. Simply bring the item that you would like to pawn to one of our branches. One of our staff will appraise your property in a few moments and, if satisfied, grant you a pawn loan based on the appraised value.

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Why Brocker?

We are a member of the pawnbroker's association

Brocker is a member of the Central Association of German Pawnbrokers e.V. (Zentralverband des Deutschen Pfandkreditgewerbes e.V.)

Family-run business with a long tradition

Pfandhaus Brocker is a family-run business dedicated to pawnbroking since the days of the Kaiser.

Long-term experience

The fact that we are the 5th generation performing our work means that we have continuously perfected our craft.

Discreet and uncomplicated

Getting a pawn loan from Brocker is utterly uncomplicated and unbureaucratic and without any credit checks.

5x in NRW

Das Brocker Team ist für Sie an 5 verschiedenen Standorten in NRW vertreten.

Instant cash

If you wish, we will give you your loan in cash instantly in our store. Without wait.

Safe handling & custody

It goes without saying that the property you pawn is insured for the entire term of the loan.

Attractive valuation

In order to provide you with the best possible support in bridging your financial bottlenecks, we value your property on attractive terms.

Gold purchases

Do you have some gold jewellery sitting around at home, and do you consider selling it? At Brocker, we have been offering our customers the chance to have their gold jewellery valued independently for over 100 years and sell it at fair prices.

Thanks to the trust our customers have placed in us over the years, we can assure you that your gold will be valued based on the current price and also give you the chance to be present when the value is determined.

Get cash for your old gold
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Pfandhaus Brocker Tradition since 1873

Pfandhaus Brocker was founded in 1873 by Anton Brocker and is thought to be one of the oldest traditional businesses in Mönchengladbach and even in Germany.

Bereits seit über 150 Jahren haben wir uns der Pfandleihe verschrieben und betreuen unsere Kunden kompetent und seriös. Im Laufe der Jahre haben wir unser Pfandhaus stets erweitert und bieten unseren Kunden mittlerweile ein großes Sortiment an besonderen Schmuckstücken und Luxusuhren in unserem Online-Shop an.

Mehr über unsere 150 jährige Tradition erfahren